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Service & Repairs

Living in Southwest Minnesota, we see the temperature extremes and the hot humid weather will present a challenge for your cooling system. With such an intense workload, even the most reliable cooling system can encounter problems from time to time. When you’re faced with any fluctuation in comfort, decrease in efficiency or noisy operation, don’t wait. Cooling problems don’t fix themselves, and if neglected, will most likely worsen.  Call us today... we GUARANTEE honest, expert and swift repair.

We understand the stress that comes from sudden repairs and unanticipated costs. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle and worry, keep you informed, and make every service call a positive and rewarding experience.  To that end, we will explain the work and all possible options to you, and no work will be completed without your permission. We will do our best to restore your equipment to maximum efficiency and performance, but if replacement is the more cost-effective solution, rest assured we have a wide range of cooling solutions to satisfy your budget and comfort requirement.

New Installation


There’s no reason to suffer through another hot, humid summer without the cool relief of air conditioning.  If you’re worried about cost, monthly bills, installation or operation noise, Elite Mechanical Systems has affordable, hassle-free, energy efficient solutions to suit any family or business. Our installation team puts their years of experience and ongoing training to work for you, ensuring a quick and simple and process. Technology has greatly improved air conditioning overall performance, boosting cooling ability and reducing energy consumption.  New Bryant models are quieter, more environmentally responsible and easier to install and maintain than units manufactured only a few years ago.  They last longer, experience fewer repair needs and are protected by outstanding warranties. We will show you various options, considering that while the cost of equipment tends to be higher with the rise in SEER, the up to 30% monthly savings on utility bills may make it a quick recovery on investment. As always, our no-obligation quotes are free of charge.

Preventative Maintenance


Annual Preventative Maintenance prolongs the life of your air conditioning equipment, often adding years of reliable and rewarding cooling.  Neglect guarantees a steady decline in performance and efficiency, costing needless money in repair, utility bills and premature replacement. To best protect your equipment, the best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance is in the spring, before it every runs. Call us today for convenient, cost-effective and quality annual service. 

Just like a professional dental cleaning is more than a toothbrush, A/C preventative Maintenance is more than cleaning with a hose. Trust us professionals to help protect the life of your equipment the right way.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!



We offer 24-hour emergency service with live answering—anytime you experience a breakdown, we’re there with you. You can reach us at 507-831-0236

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