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Though we rarely think about drains, we use them all the time. And because they run behind walls, under floors and underground, it can be quite problematic to determine if there’s a problem. Unfortunately, if you don’t address drain problems quickly, they can lead to structural damage to your home, water damage and even mold or mildew growth.

All the drains in a home including sinks, showers and toilets join together into one large drain referred to as a sewer mainline.  A home’s sewer main typically exits the home below the foundation and connects to a larger city sewer main line located beneath the street.  The sewer main is the largest drain in a home and can in most cases handle any waste passed to it from the smaller household drains.  Newer homes will rarely have problems with there main sewer, due to improved piping  materials and techniques that were not available when older homes were built.  Newer construction homes use a type of plastic called PVC.  Older built homes use a variety of piping materials, most commonly clay or cast iron.  The life expectancy of clay and cast iron sewer pipe is 50 years.

How Can I Tell If There’s a Problem with My Drains?

There are some telltale signs that your drains need attention:

  • Water is slow to drain. 

  • The drain at the fixture or basement is overflowing. 

  • There’s a bad smell coming out of the drain.

  • Water is pooling in your yard or driveway. 

Here at Elite Mechanical Systems, our professional plumbers have almost 75 years of combined experience providing top-rated drain services to home and business owners. From new drain installation to pipe repair and from sewer line cleaning to camera inspection, we have the expertise and experience to do it quickly and cost-effectively.


Our drain services include:

  • Sewer main line cleaning by auger

  • Sewer main line cleaning by jetter

  • Sewer camera inspection

  • In home collapsed pipe repair


We use only the most advanced plumbing techniques and equipment, which allows us to accurately and rapidly determine where the problem is and fix it as non-invasive as possible. We use camera inspection to pinpoint precisely where the issue is and give advice for any preventative repair needed to avoid future problems. 

Auger Cleaning

High-quality, aesthetically appealing faucets for your showers, bathtubs, vanities and kitchens are a great way to give your plumbing fixtures a timeless look and add instant beauty to any room in your home.



We offer 24-hour emergency service with live answering—anytime you experience a breakdown, we’re there with you. You can reach us at 507-831-0236

The Comfort You    Want

& Service You Deserve!

Jetter Cleaning

High Pressure sewer jetting is very effective! After clearing the line using a mechanical cable, you have the option to pressure wash your drain with up to 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure. This method is more effective than using a cable because it doesn’t just unblock the drain; it restores it to like new condition. Over time sludge, grease, soap, roots and other foreign materials can build up closing the pipe like a clogged artery. Snaking or cabling works well for punching a hole through the obstruction and restoring drainage, but cannot restore the diameter of the drain nearly as well as jetting. Cabling may leave deposits on the walls of the piping, giving debris an edge to catch and hold on to.

Water at the correct high pressure can cut most roots, dissolve blockages, get rid of grease and soaps all while spray washing pipe wall surfaces. This highly effective method for cleaning drain pipes causes no damage and is much less invasive than repairing a drain by excavating a front yard to access the sewer or opening a wall to replace piping. At One Hour Rooter we believe our jetting system to be so good, we offer an industry leading one year warranty against future blockages.

Drain Camera Service

Anyone looking to upgrade or remodel their bathroom may want to consider all of the benefits that modern toilets can offer their home. They offer a low profile look, have sleek and modern designs, are energy efficient and are quite suitable for limited space.

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